If something is not working correctly in EdReady, please follow these troubleshooting steps in order until the problem is resolved.

· Shut down your web browser (close all windows and tabs), re-open your browser, then log back into EdReady and try again.

· Clear your browser's cache, then log back into EdReady.

· Update your browser to the latest version.

· Try a different browser (e.g., Chrome or Firefox).

· Reboot your computer.

· Try accessing EdReady on a different computer.

· If you are using a mobile device, try accessing EdReady on a desktop or laptop, and see if you still have the same problem. You may wish to try the free Puffin browser for iOS or Android if you're having trouble with the built-in browser.

(We don't consider "use a different browser" to be a fix....but it can provide valuable information if we know it works in one browser, but not another one.)

If none of these suggestions work, find out the following information (and try to get a screenshot if possible):

· what browser you're using, including the version number

· what operating system you are on (Mac or Windows)

· if you had any different results from the options above, what happened?

· if possible, send a screenshot of the problem you're seeing

Screenshots are extremely helpful to getting your problem resolved quickly. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, try http://take-a-screenshot, which has instructions for many different operating systems. You can take a picture of the screen with your phone if all else fails.